SEFAC Heavy Duty Lifts

There are many companies that sell mobile lifts as a sideline... just another of many products they offer.

You wouldn't buy a mobile lift from a big-box store, and you wouldn't call a chain gas-station to get it serviced.

Why?...because they are not mobile lift specialists.

SEFAC, on the other hand, is a mobile and column lift specialist. That's all we do. Sell and service SEFAC heavy duty mobile lifts!

You deserve a specialist…call SEFAC for your transit vehicle lift, heavy truck lift, motorcoach lift, fire truck lift, military vehicle lift, railcar lift , OMER, parallelogram lift, pantograph lift, VEGA, platform lifts, drive on lifts, in-ground lifts, four post lifts, six post lifts,

or any heavy duty mobile lift need.

“I just took delivery of my SEFAC lifts and my guys love them already. From the first point of contact, I had every confidence that I was in the hands of knowledgeable, courteous and efficient people who are experts in their field.”  -Rob – Orlando, FL